What is Sealanya Dolphinpark?
Sealanya Dolphinpark is the largest marine mammal show center in Turkey.

What dates and times are Sealanya Dolphinpark Dolphin and Seal Shows?
Our dolphin and seal shows are exhibited every day. For current time information, please visit the Dolphinpark section of our website.

How long does the Sealanya Dolphinpark show last? How is the program?
Sealanya Dolphinpark show takes approximately 50-55 minutes. First, our seals take the stage and stay on the stage for about 20 minutes and put on an incredible show, then our lovely Dolphins take the stage and put on a mind-blowing magnificent show. You will burst into laughter while watching them and you will not be able to hold back your excited screams.

Is it possible to swim with dolphins? What should I do to swim?
Yes, you can swim with our dolphins. For this, you must make a reservation before the show and pay the swimming fee. After the end of the show, the dolphin swimming session will start according to the reservation order. A swimming session with a dolphin takes approximately 25 minutes for one person. (However, since our Dolphins will do a limited number of swims in one session, it can be very busy. It is recommended to book a few days in advance)

Can I have a photo taken with Dolphins or Seals?
By paying an extra fee, you can have your own photos to be taken by Sealanya Photo Team.